About us

Think New Zealand started with its own experience of leaving Brazil to live abroad. Like many people, we also had to visit the dream, study and live abroad. During this journey, we learned that to make dreams come true, we need to adapt projects to reality, through study and planning. However, we have never had adequate support and professional guidance for our change and fulfillment of our dream. Alone, we discover and unveil a new world in front of us without support, especially in times of doubts and difficulties.

Adding more than 20 years of luggage abroad, we joined together in order to offer the necessary information and all support for you to come to New Zealand.

Thus, the Think New High Schoolwas born, We are specialized in the area of international education, aiming at New Zealand a country that is in the ranking among the best in international education, we work with several options for those who want to do high school (hight school), English, postgraduate, master’s and doctorate in best schools and universities, with programs that include study and work permits and especially for those who want to make New Zealand their new home.


Contribute to the growth and development of people values for life.

Vision and Values

To be recognized as the best company in the area of international education with values and ethical principles, committed to delivering values to our customers.

The Value of Experience

Studying in another country is a rich and transforming experience, but it is a path full of options, often with mismatched information and some pitfalls that can turn something that would be enriching into a failed experience. You need help to walk this path and make the best decisions so that you can successfully achieve your dreams and goals. For that, count on Think New Zealand and still save time and money.

See How We Work

Our goal is to help you achieve all your goals in New Zealand and still save your time and money, for this we have developed a work methodology that consists of 4 steps.


We will evaluate your profile, your goals, time and resources to outline the best strategy to achieve your goals successfully in the best possible way.


We will assist you in all the necessary procedures regarding documentation and other legal and mandatory procedures saving your time.


We are partners of several educational institutions and other services here in New Zealand and we have different conditions and offers for you to always have the best saving your money.


Being in an unknown country, without friends and family to help you can be very frustrating, so our support is full time. We work as one big family, the ThinkNZ Family, to give you full support in the most diverse situations in New Zealand.

We have a team specialized in assisting and giving full support, specialized consultants. We provide support and assistance online in Brazil and New Zealand.

Our students can count on our 24 hours support

Who we are

Eduardo Gonçalves


With over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Business, at companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Nivea and MeltLife, entrepreneur Eduardo Gonçalves found Auckland the perfect location to found Think New Zealand. Think NZ, is a consultancy company in the area of International Education, focused on offering all support to people and PRINCIPALLY FAMILIES, from Latin America to realize the dream of living abroad, studying and working, with the plan to migrate. With 16 years of experience in this segment, since 2003, Eduardo is an expert in New Zealand and Australia. In New Zealand, he was the pioneer, founding the first company to provide this type of service to people in Latin America.

Simone Senff

Educational Psychologist

Psychologist with experience in the international education area “Talent Acquisition at Air New Zealand”, experienced in International and Internal Recruitment for the last 15 years in various industries, including entertainment, financial services, consumer goods, construction industry companies such as HSBC, Fletcher Building, New Zealand Post and currently works at Air New Zealand. She advises us with support and advises for our customers, families and professionals who are arriving through Think New Zealand.

Dara Montedori


Manager of Think NZ in São Paulo / Brazil. Psychologist with experience in the area of human resources, clinical and social, always working with the public, currently living in Brazil, lived 1 year in New Zealand in Auckland was a Think NZ client and today works in the international education area by Think New Zealand, offering all customer support and sharing their experience acquired in the country. Focused and aiming at orienting people who have the dream of living abroad and having this experience of studying, working and living in New Zealand.

Leonel Campos

Education Consultant

With 32 years on the road and 35 countries, Leonel Campos today feels he is a citizen of the world; from Negev to Rajsthan, from Jerusalem to Cairo, from Kerala to Kathmandu, from Bangkok to Luan Prabang, from Paris to London. With a degree in Economics and Administration (Brazil) he has a degree in Training and Assesment Systems (Australia), Frontline Management (Australia) and Professional Cookery (London City Guilds and New Zealand). Passionate about Islands and now a Permanent Resident of New Zealand, Leonel lives in Auckland. At the moment, in order not to settle his mind, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and International Relations from the London School of Economics

Matheus Donelli

Education Consultant

A foreign trade student, he made his first exchange at the age of 18. He has passed through 7 countries experiencing different experiences. Acting in the International Business area, he studied at OHC Dublin, Ireland. He has worked in the international market with Europe, North America, South Africa and Oceania. Dedicated to providing all the support and guidance to customers who wish to have this exchange experience and dream of living in New Zealand and Australia.

Sukhpreet Kaur

Immigration Adviser

Licensed immigration counselor from Zenith Immigration Solutions, a partner of Think New Zealand. Sukhpreet assists our clients in the process of immigration to New Zealand.

Our Structure

We are located in New Zealand’s commercial and financial center, Auckland, where we have a complete infrastructure to receive our customers and give full time support here in New Zealand.

In addition, we have Educational Consultants in São Paulo and Curitiba, who are able to meet the needs of our clients who are still in Brazil.

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