High School

How does the High School program work?

The High School exchange abroad works for students between 14 and 19 years old who are attending high school, providing an experience of life in another country during a semester or an academic year. They stay in Homestay, which are homes of families selected by the school.

What is High School?

High School is a study program that allows students to attend part or all of high school abroad, learning the culture of the chosen country through socializing in the school, in the community, in the family or in the student residence.

What is the benefit of studying High School in New Zealand?

The High School that will enable you to experience the culture of another country and acquire fluency in a new language, all in a developing life cycle where new knowledge is assimilated in an easier and more consistent way.

Collaborating for the construction of a more independent life and developing maturity, the network of social contacts and friendships with cultures from all over the world will add a bag of experiences that will be a differential and allow a gateway into major universities in the world, contributing a lot with your future professional and personal life.

The program participant will study in public or private schools, living with an educated people with a strong English influence.

Why choose a country like New Zealand to do High School?

New Zealand is a country that values its cultural roots, a friendly and welcoming people, a first world country with excellent infrastructure and a low level of crime, one of the countries with the highest quality of life and security.

Advantages of doing High School in another country

One of the advantages of doing High School in another country is the personal growth, independence and security that he will develop while in another country with a total immersion in culture and language.

Ease of adaptation to the country - climate similar to Brazil and extremely receptive people; The high quality of educational institutions; Another advantage is to stay with a local family and experience the customs, English exactly as it is spoken in the country; For the comfort and safety of exchange students, there is also a Brazilian representative from ThinkNZ in Auckland, providing all necessary support;

What is the age limit and prerequisite for attending High School in NZ

High school student from 14 to 19 years old, have at least intermediate knowledge of the language of the chosen country and good school grades.

How long is a High School program?

A semester or an academic year is the most common part of the High School program.

Beginning and End of the Academic Period

The 1st semester runs from January or February to June and the 2nd semester from July or August to December.

The start and end dates of the term may vary according to each school.

What are the High School start dates?

Term 1: Wednesday 29th January to Friday 27 March
Term 2: Wednesday 15 April to Friday 3rd July
Term 3: Monday 20th July to Friday 25th September
Term 4: Monday 12th October to Thursday 10th December

What is included in the program?

In addition to school enrollment, accommodation, cell phone chip, guidance, full Think New support and emergency health insurance.

What is not included in the High School Program?

Round-trip airfare and / or domestic flights in Brazil; Personal expenses, didactic material, fees for school activities; Consular and customs fees for visa applications.

There are private and public high school schools in NZ.

Public schools adhere to the National Education Program, in New Zealand they are subsidized by the government and education is free for the entire local population (New Zealanders) and residents. The foreign student who would like to study in a public school, will have to make a payment to study there, since he is not a taxpayer in the country. Accommodation is in New Zealand family homes, within the chosen school.

Private schools have a higher standard of education in general than public schools. It has its own values, objectives and goals. Some schools receive partial state funding, most are supported by student enrollment or some by religious institutions.

International Students High School

It is a valid program for students from Latin America. International students contribute to our school's rich level of diversity and help enrich the education of the entire student body.


The school provides all support regarding student arrival and transportation within the country.


Homestay, and will not have a culture shock, because the New Zealander people are not so different from the Brazilian, they are more relaxed, informal, are open to receiving new cultures.

Communication is something important for a New Zealander family, that's why they always like to be together, talking, this contact with Host Family is important for the coexistence and doubts they have during the student's stay with the family.

We have a team specialized in assisting and giving full support, specialized consultants. We provide support and assistance online in Brazil and New Zealand.

Our students can count on our 24 hours support

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